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Lynn Longland

Lynn Longland

Interim Head of Human Resources

Lynn has worked in health & social care for over 15 years, previously she worked for an organisation that supports adults with autism. As part of the Senior Management Team. Lynn has been lucky enough to work across and get involved in all areas of human resources.

Lynn understands that staff are an organisations biggest asset and she really enjoys be able to support the staff teams to feel valued and listened to, meeting the people Ategi supports, learning about their achievements, how they want to live their lives, then focusing on how Ategi can work with staff and what Ategi can do as an organisation to ensure this is achieved.

Lynn also ensures all the correct policies & procedures are in place, and in line with legal requirements. She works with the relevant organisations & local authorities to ensure Ategi is providing the correct training and keeping the people Ategi support safe and that staff have the skills to provide quality support.

Working in health and social care is a vocation and Lynn is glad that she has the opportunity to make a difference no matter how small.

Lynn loves travelling and enjoys visiting different cities, embracing the cultures & sampling the local food and drink. Lynn owns a Giant Schnauzer who is a big part of the family, who keeps them entertained and fit due to all the walking he needs. Family and friends are important to Lynn and a big part of her life, she enjoys spending quality time with her family which she thinks is invaluable.