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Frequently asked questions

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Shared Lives FAQs

Yes, a Shared Lives carer can help you find new activities with the help of their Shared Lives coordinator. Shared Lives coordinators are highly have lots of contacts with activity groups in the community, therefore they can find activities for people with varying interests. 

Yes, a Shared Lives carer can help you secure employment or find a voluntary role. Shared Lives carers can do this by working with their Shared Lives coordinator. Many of the people we support find employment part-time and full-time employment. 

If you did not get on with your Shared Lives carer, you would need to let Ategi know this. If Ategi can't resolve the situation, then we would ask you to give 28 days notice to us in writing. After this was given, Ategi would work to find you an different Shared Lives placement.

Yes, you can have friends and family over the Shared Lives carers home. It's best to discuss visits with your Shared Lives carer. 

Yes, you can make your bedroom your own! If you want to paint or give the room a makeover then you just need to discuss this with your Shared Lives carer.

Yes, Shared Lives carers can support you with independent living skills, such as cooking. A plan will be put in place that will plan the skills you want to learn and how you'd like to develop. Your Shared Lives carer will do their best to support you to becoming more independent. 

Yes, Shared Lives carers can support you getting out and about in the community. The Shared Lives coordinator will be involved with this kind of support as well, ensuring the travel and access to community is done safely. 

Community Support FAQs

The activities available will depend on what you want to do and what interests you have. We currently support individuals to attend the gym, go swimming, art and craft class, writing, Zumba and many more. It's flexible to you.

Yes, support workers can help to support you to attend work or volunteer. We will work with you to devise personal plans so you are able to achieve your goals and aspirations.

All Ategi's support workers will be provided with an induction programme to prepare them for the role. All support workers will carry out mandatory training such as first aid, health and safety, manual handling etc and then any training that is identified to support individuals will be provided such as autism, epilepsy etc.

Supported Living FAQs

Ategi's Supported Living scheme will support you to achieve independence in your own home. You will have have an experienced staff team member to support you in every aspect of your life where required.

All our staff go through mandatory training as well as individually tailored training, so that they can meet your individual needs. All our staff have experience working with clients with mental ill health, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and substance misuse. At Ategi we put the individual at the centre of their care, making sure that your care plan is as unique as you are.  

Yes, Supported Living is a home base service, but is very keen to support you getting out and about in the community. Also, if you want to go out into the community alone, that’s fine too, we would just make sure that you're safe. 

No, it's your home not a hotel, so staff would support you to maintain your house and enhance your own skills at looking after your home.

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