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Chris Dowell-Bennett


Chris has over thirty years’ experience in working in the health and social care sector, including 18 years as Chief Executive Officer of one of the larger third sector Charities supporting people with learning disabilities and their families. In his consultancy role he offers confidential executive advice and support to health and social care sector individuals and organisations with specific regards to the legislative environment, compliance, and strategic leadership.  

Chris has significant experience in helping to transform poorly performing organisations and senior management teams.  

One of the highlights of his career to date was taking the lead commissioning role for Cardiff County Council with responsibility to close Ely Hospital and support the resettlement of over two hundred people into supported living including a number of adult placements.

Putting people at the heart of decision making and advocating for their rights has been at the core of his approach.   

He has significant legal knowledge of the legislative framework in which health and social care organisations operate within England and Wales and has engaged in many consultive exercises and been asked to be an advisor on many Governments work groups.