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Benefits & support for a Shared Lives carer

Payment allowances

Shared Lives carers are self employed.  They receive a payment allowance, which varies depending on where you are in the country. It also depends on whether you offer Shared Lives long term,  Short Breaks or Shared Days, and the type and amount of support you will offer the person.

Typically, this would range between £350 and £650 per week or an agreed hourly rate (by the Local Authority) for day support. This includes a fee for the care you provide with board and lodgings which are set locally.

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Tax breaks

Plus, you get a generous tax-break – you will not pay tax on the first £10,000 your earn. After that, you will have an additional £250 per week tax free for each person you support (you can support up to three people at one time). You need to register with HMRC as a self-employed person.

Training & support

From the moment you join us as a Shared Lives carer, we'll assign you a Coordinator who will support you to gain all the training you'll need to become a Shared Lives carer, as well as guide you with the people you support - we'll be with you every step of the way.

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Interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer with us?

If you want to start an application or still have questions please contact us. 

01443 484 400


The role of Shared Lives Plus

We also provide all of our carers a membership to Shared Lives Plus, the umbrella body for Shared Lives. Shared Lives Plus offers:

  • Specialist insurance, and mortgage brokers if you’re buying a new house
  • Shopping discounts
  • Public liability insurance
  • Shared Lives Plus also connect carers through their carer helpline, online community chat forum, drop in online zoom cuppa for carers, and regional carer groups
  • Shared Lives Plus can support you with day to day questions and even offer emergency support
  • Shared Lives Plus represent Shared Lives carers nationally

It’s a great collective for supporting you and connecting you with other carers.

Holidays & breaks

As you choose your lifestyle as a self-employed person, you can take holiday whenever you like as part of your new shared life. If you want to go away without the person you support, you can both arrange this – we can arrange respite with another Shared Lives carer.

When you want to rest and recharge by yourselves, you will be entitled to respite (Short Break) days that are spread throughout the year, the number of day/hours offered will depend on the Local Authority you are working with and the kind of support you provide. You’ll continue to be paid the care and support and accommodation fee elements of your financial package (without the board and lodgings).

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Kyeron and his Shared Lives carer, Lyn, smiling at the camera.
Kyeron and his Shared Lives carer, Lyn.

Careful matching process

As a Shared Lives carer your arrangement is flexible to you and your life. Our careful matching process, ensures that the adult you support fits in with you, your family and your lifestyle.

Interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer with us?

If you want to start an application or still have questions please contact us. 

01443 484 400


Becoming a Shared Lives carer can be a big change.

The answer to your question might be here, if not please get in touch.

Shared Lives carers can expect regular support from Ategi. We will provide ongoing advice, as well as practical and emotional support. Shared Lives carers will be given training throughout their time as a carer to ensure we provide the best possible support. Some of this will be required, and other training opportunities will be additional depending on the carers skills and needs, and the person the carer is supporting.

It is very important that everyone involved is clear about what they want and what they can offer. A big part of our work will be to try and match you with an adult who has similar interests and lifestyle. This may mean that finding the right person for you to support in your home will take longer. We try to make sure our carers are only introduced with people we think are a good match. Once we've found a suitable match, we arrange for everyone to meet each other to see how they get on together. This may take several visits but Ategi will ensure that both parties feel comfortable with the idea before Shared Lives agreements are made. The final choice lies with the individuals and the Shared Lives carer.