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Supported Living

What is Supported Living?

Ategi’s Supported Living service offers support to help you live in your own home. Our staff will support to develop your strengths and abilities, identify your goals and work on steps towards these goals. They can support you around any aspects of your life, in your home or the community. 

You can participate in social and leisure activities, or have support in your education, volunteering or getting a job. They’ll help you to take control and live safely at home, assisting you in how to look after your home, pay your bills, as well as helping you to maintain and build positive relationships with others.

Our trained Supported Living staff will support you in having your voice heard, building your confidence and skills in living independently and be part of your community. 

Trevor and his support worker Jayne smiling at the camera. Jayne is wearing a mask.
Trevor with his support worker.
Maxine with her support worker. Maxine is supported through Supported Living.

Who can Ategi support?

We provide person-centred support to people who need support to live their best life. The people we support are unique, but common reasons people need support are due to:

  • A physical disability
  • Learning disability
  • Autism
  • Mental ill health
  • Addictions
  • Needing support after leaving hospital
  • Or moving on from children's services

Our support is tailored to each person we support, supporting them to develop their confidence, skills and increase their independence.

Speak to our team to find out if we can support you.

Whatever your support needs are, we'll create a support plan especially for you.

Each person is unique, bringing their own strengths and abilities. We'll work with you on a plan to help you achieve your own goals. 

Maxine was supported to live in her own home through Supported Living.

What’s our approach to supporting you?

We find your interests and passions, your strengths and abilities then we help you to grow and build them. We'll help you identify your goals and the steps to achieving them. 

We work with you in small manageable stages in developing you and your skills. Our approach is sensitive to your individual needs, always promoting your dignity and independence.  

Supported Living stories: Trevor

One of our clients, Trevor, used to play golf as a little boy, and had kept his trophy from childhood.  Trevor used to love playing golf but hadn't done so for many years. Our amazing Supported Living team supported Trevor to rediscover his passion for golf. 

Trevor with his gold club over is shooulder looking at the camera.

How can I start being supported through Supported Living?

Through the Local Authority

You can be referred through to our service via the Local Authority, then they can organise funding to support your care plan. 

Refer yourself

If you'd like to use our service, and you have the funds available, you can self-refer and we can start looking into your care plan straight away.

Where is Supported Living available?

Our Supported Living service can support you when you are out and about.  We can help you develop your skills and confidence for example with shopping, taking part in leisure activities and socialising. 

This service is available in Cardiff and neighbouring areas. 

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