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Apply to be Shared Lives carer

So you're thinking about becoming a Shared Lives carer?

We're keen to answer any questions you might have, and show you how amazing it is to take on this special role.

You can start your application through completing this short, easy form today.   

A member of our team will get in touch with you.  We'll have an informal chat with you about being a Shared Lives Carer, and how the application process works. 

Doris, Shared Lives carer

"I would recommend being a Shared Lives carer. It’s very rewarding."

Grazelda, Shared Lives carer

"I’d encourage someone to be a Shared Lives carer, the support you get from your managers is good, you get training to develop your skills and you can look after people. We have carer forums that are also useful."

Doris, Shared Lives carer

"I like the flexibility of Shared Lives. We can decide when we’re able to provide support."

Martin, Shared Lives carer (short breaks)

Overview of the recruitment process

We will support you through each step of your application and assessment.  

You will provide information which our assessor will work through with you.  There will be some additional actions such as video call discussions, a home visit, taking up references, completing health checks or DBS checks, completing pre-approval training etc. 

When your assessment is completed your assessor will support you to go to our independent panel for approval. 

Taking the first step will take around 5 mins.   The whole assessment process will take between 4 and 12 weeks. 

This information will go to our Shared Lives carer recruitment team.

We will look at your information identifying what area you live in and what assessor will be allocated to you.  The assessor will either get in touch via email or phone call within a day or two to tell you more about Ategi Shared Lives and answer questions that you have. If you are still interested at this stage the assessment process will begin. 

This is an in-depth, formal process to ensure this is the right role for you. Your assessor will send you an application pack.  Using this pack you can provide information about yourself, your family and your home.

Your assessor will review this with you, and will discuss this with you and ask questions as needed, to explore your understanding of Shared Lives, and how being a Shared Lives carer will fit in your life, and any training you will need.

We check your references, ID and get your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) forms sent off. You will be fully supported throughout the assessment process and it is set at your pace. This can take anything from 4 to 12 weeks.

Once the assessment is completed and we have received your references and DBS the information will be drawn together into a report and go to our independent panel and they will decide if you are approved as a Shared Lives carer. 

Once approved you will be matched with a Shared Lives coordinator who will guide and support you throughout your time as a Shared Lives carer. Your coordinator could be the same person who carried out the assessment or a different person. 

Congratulations! We will start working with you to match you to someone looking for Shared Lives support. We will also plan in your monthly support sessions with your coordinator, and plan in your training and development for your first year.