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About our support worker team

A man and a woman sat in a cafe. The woman is giving a thumbs up.
Trevor with his support worker, Jayne.

Working in the Ategi team

Ategi support workers provide strengths-based person centred support tailored to each individual we work with. As a support worker, you will work with each person to meet their needs and support them to develop their skills, confidence and independence. You will help them to identify their strengths and skills, overcome challenges and work towards their goals.

Our pay is competitive and there are are lots of perks on top of our pay.

Who we support

The people we support have different strengths and abilities, and face different challenges. We train our support workers to work with people facing different challenges, as well as the mandatory training. This could be around particular mental health needs or physical health conditions such as epilepsy.

Our team include part-time and full-time staff, some work with many different people, others particularly with a few specific people.

Someone petting a horse.
Sarah loves being around horses, she is supported through Supported Living.

Interested in working for us?

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The services you could be working in

Key support worker attributes

Our support workers are a diverse mix of people with different strengths, interests and backgrounds. What they have in common is key attributes that underpin the great support they provide and ensure that Ategi is the right fit for them.


Your personal values wont be exactly the same as Ategi's, but they should fit well with them.


Put the person at the centre of what you do - work with them to give them control, identify their strengths and goals, support and enable them, and treat them with respect and dignity.

Prioritise safeguarding

Understand the importance of safeguarding and work within policies to promote safeguarding. Encourage positive risk-taking within the safeguarding context.

Experience or aptitude

Demonstrable experience of supporting people, paid or unpaid is desirable. However, with the right aptitude and values we can provide training on specific knowledge and skills.

Could you become a support worker for Ategi?

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