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How can we support you?

Trevor and his support worker Jayne smiling at the camera. Jayne is wearing a mask.

How can our services benefit you?

At Ategi, we support each person as an individual, enabling them to develop their skills and confidence and increase their independence. People may need support for lots of different reasons, and the type of support they need will vary from person to person.

Wendy cooking with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda. Both women are smiling at the camera.

We can support you to learn and develop skills like cooking

Trevor with his gold club over is shooulder looking at the camera.

Support you develop your passions and hobbies

We can support you out and about in the community.

Martin and Liz supporting their son with learning disabilities play with his toy cars.

Make sure you're safe and happy in your home

Who can Ategi support?

We provide person-centred support to people who need support to live their best life. The people we support are unique, but common reasons people need support are due to:

  • A physical disability
  • Learning disability
  • Autism
  • Mental ill health
  • Homelessness or addictions
  • Needing support after leaving hospital
  • Or moving on from children's services

Our support is tailored to each person we support, supporting them to develop their confidence, skills and increase their independence.

Speak to our team to find out if we can support you.

Maxine with her support worker. Maxine used to be supported by Supported Living.

Whatever your needs are, we make sure your care is tailored to you, so we can support you to live the way you want to.

We offer different types of services in different areas.

Wendy having a cup of tea with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda. Both women are smiling.
Wendy having a cup of tea with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda.

Shared Lives

Shared Lives is a bit like foster care - but for adults. You’ll be carefully matched with one of our specially trained Shared Lives carers and spend time in their home and local community. Your Shared Lives carer will support you to achieve your goals, and live the way you want to live. You could share your days with a carer, stay for short breaks, or even move in and live with your Shared Lives carer.

Ategi provide Shared Lives in a number of areas.

In Wales: Swansea, Neath Port Talbot & Cardiff.

In England: South Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Central Bedfordshire, Slough and Southwark.

Supported Living

In our Supported Living service, our dedicated staff come out to your home and give you all the support you need to live independently and safely in your home and community. 

Our Supported Living service is available in Cardiff and neighbouring areas.  


A man and a woman sat in a cafe. The woman is giving a thumbs up.
Trevor having a cup of coffee with his support worker. Trevor is supported through Supported Living.
Richie, a young man with learning disabilities who is being supported to do some bowling with his support worker.
Richie doing some bowling. Richie is supported through Visiting Support.

Community Support

Our Community Support Service can support you when you are out and about.  We can help you develop your skills and confidence for example with shopping, taking part in leisure activities and socialising. 

This service is available in Cardiff and neighbouring areas. 

Tŷ Cornel

Ty Cornel is a six bed supported accommodation project for those who’ve experienced homelessness and who have additional support needs.

Each tenant has their own private en-suite room and shared communal living spaces. People are supported to achieve their goals which are varied and can include; improving their physical and mental health, managing substance misuse, getting involved in the community, developing positive friendships and relationships, taking part in hobbies, learning opportunities, volunteering or working, and developing skills for independent living.

The Tŷ Cornel service is available in Cardiff.  

Find out more about Tŷ Cornel here

Could you become a support worker for Ategi?

Speak with one of the team today!

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Our latest inspection (CQC/CIW) reports for Shared Lives

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Our latest inspection (CIW) reports for Supported Living & Community Support

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