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Becoming a Shared Lives carer

Could you be a Shared Lives carer?

Are you a caring person looking for more than just a job? Then you could become an Ategi Shared Lives carer.

Maybe you're already a carer for a family member, or you might already have care experience, or just a passion for social care and a willingness to learn.

Grazelda, Shared Lives carer, drinking a cup of tea and smiling.
Grazelda, one of our Shared Lives carers.

Speak to our Shared Lives professionals

Find out what becoming a Shared Lives carer is all about at our online event. You'll have the chance to hear from Shared Lives professionals, watch a short film about one of our Shared Lives arrangements and have all your questions answered!

Upcoming events in 2024:

15th August: Sign up here

20th August:  Sign up here - This event will have a focus on Shared Lives in Buckinghamshire.

21st October: Sign up here

A bit about Shared Lives

As a Shared Lives carer you would share your home and family, helping the adult you support to develop their skills, work towards their goals and support them to be more independent. Supporting them to live their life, their way. As a Shared Lives carer you get to work from home and enjoy a career that truly makes a difference.

Wendy having a cup of tea with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda. Both women are smiling.
Wendy having a cup of tea with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda.

Do you want to know more about becoming a Shared Lives carer?

If you want to start an application or still have questions please contact us.

01443 484 400

Advice from our current Shared Lives carers


"Take advantage of the support offered to you. Give the person you support all the support they need to help them develop their skills and independence and you’ll be happy."

Doris had orginally been a foster parent for George, he was 7 years old with special needs. When George became 18 Doris wanted to keep supporting him. That's when Doris moved from Fostering to Shared Lives, George has now been supported by Doris for 20 years.


"When you have someone to stay you need to listen to the needs of the individual, listen to what their background is. You also need to be honest about how much time you can commit."

Grazela is one of our Shared Lives carers from South Gloucestershire. She’s been supporting Wendy for 24 years, since Wendy was 8 years old. When Wendy turned 18 and was transitioning from Foster care to adult services, she requested to live with Grazelda through Shared Lives.

Martin and Liz smiling at the camera in their kitchen.

Martin and Liz

"Think of it as something that you can experience in your life."

Martin and Liz were already carers for their son Stephen, who has learning disabilities, when they joined Shared Lives. They provide Shared Lives short breaks and respite care. Shared Lives is helping them to socialise Stephen and prepare him for living with people outside the family home.

What do you need to become an Ategi Shared Lives carer?

You need to be caring

This is the most important skill you'll need. You might have a background in care work, have cared for a family member or simply a willingness to learn.

Live in your own home

It's important that you live in your own home, have a living space that the person you're supporting can spend time in. For someone to move in or stay for short breaks you need a spare bedroom.

Have a sense of humour

You'll have a great sense of humour and be able to have fun with the person you support.

You need to have enough time

Shared Lives carers don't provide 24/7 support, but they do need to be able to give time to the person they support.

What kind of support will I need to provide?

Every Shared Lives arrangement is unique to the carer and to each person they support.

Our carers support people to live independent full lives, whatever shape that takes. That could be taking them out and about or you might take an active role in nurturing their skills and talents, like Lorna did when she supported Summa with her passion for Manga animation. It might even be simply helping them learn to ride the bus and cook for themselves - all achievements are important and celebrated.

Benefits & support

Payment allowances

The payment allowance Shared Lives carers receive varies depending on where you are in the country.

Tax breaks

Plus, you get a generous tax-break – you will not pay tax on the first £10,000 your earn.

Training & support

We'll assign you a Coordinator who will support you. Training is important, and you'll start during your assessment and continue throughout your time as a Shared Lives Carer.

The role of Shared Lives Plus

We pay for Shared Lives Plus membership for our carers - providing access to support, advice, insurance and much more.

Holidays & breaks

As you choose your lifestyle as a self-employed person, you can take holiday whenever you like as part of your new shared life.

Careful matching process

As a Shared Lives carer your arrangement is flexible to you and your life.

Where can I be an Ategi Shared Lives carer?

There are Shared Lives schemes all over the country, below are the areas that Ategi run Shared Lives schemes.

England: Buckinghamshire, Central Bedfordshire, Southwark, Slough & South Gloucestershire

Wales: Cardiff

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