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The Ategi Wellbeing Fund

What is the Wellbeing Fund?

The Wellbeing Fund will provide small grants for people Ategi support, to pay for things that will help improve their wellbeing.    


Two women playing with a dog.
Trevor - hobbies
Trevor has been supported by Ategi for 16 years.

Why are Ategi launching this fund?

The country is facing economic uncertainty, the people we support are the most likely to feel hardest hit by this. This Wellbeing Fund has been developed to respond to the growing crisis the country is facing, but with the aim of aiding those we support to not just survive, but thrive.

Support the Wellbeing Fund and Wil!

Wil kicked off fundraising for Ategi's Wellbeing Fund by running the Cardiff Half Marathon. All donations to Wil have gone directly into the Wellbeing Fund. We want to raise £5000 to launch this fund in January 2023.

Wil is running to raise money for Ategi.

How can the Wellbeing Fund benefit people?

The fund provides a small grant to pay for something that someone we support might not be able to afford. The requests will be as unique as the people we support, but here's some ideas: 

A bowl being made on a pottery wheel.

Support to keep a hobby going

Provide funds to support a pet

We can help buy an item for the home.

cockrel crowing.

Pay for sound absorbing panels for someone struggling with noise in their home

Help to pay for gardening tools.

inside of a bus.

Pay for bus fare to a new course or volunteering project.

A pair of sunglasses on a sandy beach.

Put money towards going on holiday.

Are you supported by Ategi? Then you might be eligible to apply for a grant!

Support the Wellbeing Fund!

We want to raise £2000 to launch this fund in January 2023, to give small grants to people that will make a big difference to their wellbeing.  Can you help?

A group of women around a table making Christmas wreaths.

Find out more about supporting Ategi

Every year Ategi helps over 300 adults who need specific, individually tailored support, to enable them to live their lives as independently as possible.

A huge thank you to all our supporters

By giving what you can, you are helping us to improve the quality of life for people with complex needs, their families and carers. You are AMAZING.