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Supported Living stories: Trevor

Trevor's story

Trevor has been with Supported Living over 16 years. Trevor used to play golf as a little boy, and had kept his trophy from childhood.  Trevor used to love playing golf but hadn't done so for many years.  We worked with him to be able to enjoy his passion again, taking small steps that he felt he could manage. 

Trevor has been supported by Supported Living for 16 years
Trevor at the golf range. He plays golf 3 times a week

Our Supported Living staff started taking him first to play at pitch and putt, then onto a driving range and finally supporting Trevor to play at a golf club. By building up Trevor slowly in small stages, he was able to develop his confidence as well as his ability, and the process set him up to succeed.

"Trevor is a completely different person as a result of your care and compassion...I cannot imagine what Trevor’s life would be like if you and your team were not his carers... Trevor’s life is as full and satisfying for him as it could possibly be."

Trevor's family member

As well as supporting Trevor to play golf, we’ve helped him to live happily and safely in his own home. Trevor initially struggled to keep his home clean and tidy, our staff supported him to feel confident in his abilities. They started with small tasks, so cleaning one window, vacuuming one room - over time building on this routine and adding to it. Now Trevor is very house proud, he vacuums the whole house and cleans all his windows.

Trevor having a coffee with his support worker

Watch Trevor's video

Watch this video about Trevor and his support journey.

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