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Lorna & Summa

Lorna is sociable and warm person, she works as a full time care home manager, and has a lot of experience and understanding on what it takes to support different kinds of people. Having come from a big family and with her own children having left home, she felt she had room in her life, her home and her for someone – which is why she came to Ategi.

Summa is a young woman who know what she likes and knows what she does not. She is passionate about Manga and can talk for hours on the subject, try and get her to talk about anything else and you’ll have a struggle. Summa has autism and had been living in foster care for a number of years. Summa finds many everyday tasks practical tasks difficult, like laundry and cooking for herself, and struggles with socialising with people. She’d rather stay in her room thanks. Summa was leaving foster care, but still wanted to be able to live in a home environment, which is why she was, referred to Ategi.

Summa had been living with Lorna for over two years, and with Lorna’s support Summa has achieved some amazing things.  Summa can now confidently cook from scratch and has learned how to contribute to household cleaning and even comes down to chat with Lorna and Miriam.  When Summa began her time at Lorna’s her work was all done in pencil drawing, with encouragement and guidance from Lorna, she now produces her work digitally, regularly posting her work online and even enters competitions. Summa’s confidence and practical ability as a Manga artist has soared since living with Lorna, and now Summa is on the cusp of a major milestone as she prepares to go to University in September to study animation.

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