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Showcasing the musical talent of Victoria

We have a lot of talented people that we support here at Ategi and we're excited to show you the amazing musical talent of Victoria who is supported through our Shared Lives service. 

An all round creative, Victoria regularly takes wildlife photos around the farm where she lives, which we regularly include in our newsletters. Most recently, Victoria has written a song that's been turned into a music video which you can watch here!

Victoria had been taking part in a month long fully funded course called: Fortitude through the Art of Music, run by Rec Roc. Throughout the month Victoria had the chance to learn beat boxing, the guitar and drums as well working with a vocal coach. During this period Victoria wrote her song "Collided" which only took her an hour to write! The Fortitude team supported her to develop the song, then record the music and produce a music video. Victoria and her classmates also performed in a concert to showcase their skills, Victoria performed "Falling" by Harry Styles, you can watch a clip of it here.

Victoria is passionate about music and performing arts and is looking into exploring her options as a musician and theatre performer.

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