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PIP overhaul sparks concerns among disabled community

The recent announcement from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Government about a potential overhaul of Personal Independence Payments (PIP), has ignited concerns among the disabled community. The proposed changes, which include replacing regular cash payments with one-off grants, vouchers, or a receipt-based system, are sparking concerns for the disabled community who rely on this support.

In April 2024, the Prime Minister launched a consultation addressing the rising number of PIP claimants, stating the need for the Government to "do something" about the situation. The consultation has been met with widespread apprehension, as many fear it will lead to potential hardships for the disabled community. 

At Ategi, we stand with the disabled community in advocating for fair and supportive measures. Our CEO Kate shares: 

I welcome the opportunity to reform the benefits system and support a much-needed reform however we need to ensure that people with disabilities are not adversely affected in that process. Whilst the consultation is an important part of that process, it is frustrating that the timing of the elections will effectively impact and prevent any real action in the foreseeable future.

If you’re worried about the overhaul of PIP we advise you to visit Turn2us' website as they have a guide available that may help you or someone you support with alternative options.

Turn2us PIP guide

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