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Winner of the Ategi Wellbeing Fund announced!

We're excited to announce that we've awarded our first Ategi Wellbeing grant to Kyeron, who is supported through our Shared Lives scheme!

Find out more about Kyeron here

The Wellbeing fund was set up last year following the fundraising efforts of an Ategi staff member. The Ategi Wellbeing Fund provides small one off grants, and was created to help people Ategi support to explore their interests, try something new and generally support their wellbeing.

The importance of wellbeing in adults with additional needs cannot be overstated. Nurturing their emotional, physical, and mental health is crucial for their overall quality of life. Promoting wellbeing enhances self-esteem, fosters social connections, and improves resilience. It empowers individuals to thrive, contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Kyeron applied to the Ategi Wellbeing Fund because he loves woodwork and developing this skill has helped him a lot with his mental health and wellbeing. In the warmer months he sits outside carving and working on projects. However, he has nowhere to work when the weather gets bad. So he applied the Ategi Wellbeing Fund to get a grant to buy a shed for himself. This way,come rain or shine, when he feels the urge, he can work on his woodwork projects.

The panel who decided on how to award the grant provided insight into their choice:  

"Kyeron not only really enjoys woodworking, but it is also great for his self-esteem to create such skilful and useful items that he often shares with others, and it is good for his mental health to have an interest that is all absorbing and relaxing at the same time. For Ategi to be able to help Kyeron do that all year round makes such a difference in his life and is exactly why the Wellbeing Fund was set up.

He met the criteria of why the fund was set up because Kyeron’s application form evidenced that he was not able to enjoy his hobby during the winter.

We would encourage the people Ategi support to apply for the fund, it has been set up to try and make a difference in someone’s life.  Think about the small things that can make a difference it may be something as simple as buying gardening tools or paying for transport to a volunteering project."

Lyn, Kyeron's Shared Lives carer shared this statement:

"Kyeron is happy that he will now have a designated place at home for him to continue his love of wood crafting and grateful for Ategi contributing towards this. Kyeron is looking forward to making new craft pieces to give to others."

Being able to provide these grants to support the wellbeing of someone Ategi supports is vital because it enables access to essential resources and services. It empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives, promotes independence, and enhances their overall quality of life. This support contributes to their physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, fostering inclusion and personal growth.

Would you like to support the Ategi Wellbeing Fund? 

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Kyeron holding a totem pole he carved

Kyeron holding a totem pole he carved

Kyeron outside his house, working on a woodwork project

Kyeron outside his house, working on a woodwork project

Find out more about Kyeron and his story

What is the Ategi Wellbeing Fund?

The fund provides a small grants to people Ategi support to pay for something that will help to impove their wellbeing. It could go towards building a shed like for Kyeron, or pay towards transport to a volunteering project or gardening tools. The reasons for needing the grant will be as unqiue as the the individuals we support.

Find out more about the fund

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