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Wil ran the Cardiff Half!

On Sunday 2nd October, Wil ran 21.1km in the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise money for Ategi and the people we support!

Wil ran 21.1km in 2 hours 4 mins, and he was placed 41st out 101 in his age group and an incredible 5,553rd out of 12,783!

Wil has worked for Ategi for 8 years as a support worker in our Visiting Support service. Inspired by the new fundraising manager, he offered to run the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise money for Ategi.

So far Wil, aged 65, has raised over £500 which will be going towards the launch of the new Ategi Wellbeing Fund. The fund will provide small grants towards helping the people that Ategi support to afford items that will boost their wellbeing and help them to achieve their goals.  

Wil says: “Ategi is all about caring for people. I really enjoy this work, Ategi has grown on me. I like the idea of an Ategi Wellbeing Fund that will provide direct benefits for the people we support when they are up against so many challenges to move their lives forward.” 

Read more about Wil and his journey to run the Cardiff Half Marathon here.

Wil, has just run the Cardiff Half Marathon. He's wearing his medal and biting down on it.

Wil after running the Cardiff Half Marathon

The Ategi Wellbeing Fund is aiming to raise £2000 by January so it can begin providing small grants to the people that Ategi support, making a big difference to their wellbeing. 

Wil's Just Giving page will remain active for another 2 weeks. All money raised by Wil, will go directly into the Ategi Wellbeing Fund. If you would like to donate to Wil and the Wellbeing Fund then head to Wil's Just Giving page.

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