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Supported Living stories: Why I love horses

Sarah*, who is supported through Supported Living, tells us how being around horses has really helped her.

Someone petting a horse.
Sarah with her horse

I really like being around the horses and working with them because I get to know their personalities. It is good for my mental health and physical health to be around them. Horses keep me calm and make me happy. They also help my core to stay strong and stretch my legs, which helps my cerebral palsy. It’s like having physio but more interesting! Being outdoors also helps me stay healthy.

Tippler, Rio, Milly and Sally, the horses at Clare’s farm where I ride and work, help lots of different people to be able to ride. The experience of riding and grooming them helps to create a bond. We also have Sam the Simulator horse, which we got with lottery funding. He helps a lot to improve your riding and is good when the weather is too hot or wet to ride the horses.

"Horses keep me calm and make me happy."

I love working in the stables with the horses as a volunteer with the RDA. I like brushing the horses, washing them, riding and doing things to bond with them. It is hard work but great fun too.

I also ride in competitions for the Vale of Glamorgan RDA. I do Dressage and Countryside Challenge and have won lots of rosettes. I ride Tippler and Rio for competitions, though Tippler can be a bit naughty.
I love riding and being around horses. It makes me the happiest person in the world!

*Sarah is not her real name to protect her identity.

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