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Community Support: Shirley

Shirley's story

Before coming to Ty Cornel Shirley was living in a busy hostel with lots of people also living there. Drinking and drug taking happened frequently at the hostel. Shirley was even run over by a car when she was drunk whilst living there. Shirley was there for 2.5 years and during that time she never felt safe. Whilst living at the hostel Shirley drank a lot and her lifestyle was generally very unhealthy.
Shirley & support worker Ty Cornel
Shirley & other Ty Cornel residents on Barry Island beach

By the time Shirley came to Ty Cornel she was very frail from drinking so much without eating anything for so long. Whilst living at Ty Cornel the support staff arranged for Shirley to get a full health check-up and take her to all her appointments, they even organised for her to get her first pair of prescription glasses. After 20 years of doing drink and drugs, she finally feels like she can stop drinking and is now sober and very happy.

"She feels cared for and that staff look out for her, there’s no judgement. Shirely feels safe knowing staff are there."

Ty Cornel staff

Now Shirley is at Ty Cornel, if there’s anything wrong with her staff will take her to the doctor or check in with her. What Shirley likes about Ty Cornel is that everyone has a buzzer, so if you need help they can get to you really quickly, there was nothing like that at the hostel. She knows that the staff at Ty Cornel really care. What really works about Ty Cornel is that there’s always the same staff so she can really get to know them and they get to know her and they can have a laugh.
Shirley at South Wales Aviation Museum at Cardiff Airport

The staff have helped Shirley build herself back up and she even has clothes that she feels proud of now. After months of not seeing her daughter, she’s reconnected with her and is excited to be attending her wedding soon. Her daughter has told her she’s glad she’s at Ty Cornel as she sees the staff taking such good care of her.

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