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Skydivers taking the leap to fundraise for Ategi

On April 6th Matthew, Maria and Gail from our staff team in Wales will be heading to Swansea airport to take part in charity skydive. They are joined by Kyle, who was previously supported by Ategi’s Shared Lives services. Kyle is very excited to be taking part in a charity skydive, all to raise funds for Ategi. For him, this is all about giving back to the team at Ategi who played a crucial role in turning his life around.

There are still places on the charity skydive if you would like to take the plunge -  contact our Fundraising Manager, she would love to hear from you.

Get involved

If you would like to support one of our amazing skydivers follow these links:

To support those skydiving for Ategi generally (we will divide donations across the four skydivers) please donate here:  fundraising for Ategi 

Or you can support our individual skydivers through their fundraising pages here:

Gail:  Donate here

Maria:   Donate here

Matthew:   Donate here

Thanks for your support!

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About the author

Sheleagh Llewellyn

Sheleagh has been working in the voluntary sector for 38 years, in both a paid and unpaid capacity. During the early noughties, she was the leader of the Voluntary Sector pathway within the BA Community Studies at the University of Wales College Newport. She is Fundraising Manager at Ategi and she is a fellow of the Schumacher Institute, which aims to tackle today's social and environmental problems by applying systems thinking and the power of networking.