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Great Trustees, where to find them?

Why are trustees so important to a charity like Ategi?

Trustees play a crucial role in the success and sustainability of charities. Their dedication and expertise safeguard effective governance and they also make sure the mission and values of the charity meet with the charitable purposes.

They bring diverse skills and experience to the charity, ensuring effective decision-making and strategic planning.

Their oversight protects the charities' resources to ensure they are used wisely, maximising the positive impact on beneficiaries.

With trustees’ guidance and leadership, charities like Ategi can build strong partnerships and enhance public trust, reassuring funders and donors that their contributions are in capable hands.

In essence, trustees are the pillars that uphold the foundation of charitable endeavours.

How does Ategi support its Trustees?

We recognise the importance of personal development for our trustees and create a collaborative environment, encouraging open dialogue and feedback.

Ategi supports its trustees by providing opportunities to regularly assess their skills and knowledge and providing training and development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

We are open and honest in our communication and give access to all relevant information to enable our trustees to make informed decisions in the best interests of the charity and our beneficiaries.

Regular board and subcommittee meetings alongside regular updates keep our trustees engaged and informed about the organisation's activities.

The Senior Leadership Team work closely with our trustees to ensure they have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities led by the Chief Executive.

By doing this Ategi empowers its trustees to effectively govern and drive the organisation's mission forward.

What does it really mean to be a trustee?

Taking on the role of trustee is a big commitment so when you consider joining a charity as a trustee it is important to choose a charity that means something to you and that has values that match what is important to you.

The role of trustee comes with great responsibility and trust and a trustee of a charity must always act in the best interests of the charity and make decisions that will best enable the charity to achieve its purposes.
You must be committed make balanced and informed decisions and avoid putting yourself in a position where your responsibilities as a trustee conflict with your interests or loyalties.

The challenges of finding a trustee

Recruiting trustees can be challenging for lots of reasons:

Finding individuals with the right mix of skills, experience, and passion for a charity's cause can be difficult. Many people may not have the time or inclination to take on the responsibilities of a trustee and may not fully understand what the role entails.

Trustees in the UK have significant legal and regulatory responsibilities. Potential trustees might be intimidated by the potential personal liability associated with the role.

Being a trustee can be time-consuming, as it involves attending meetings, contributing to strategy, and participating in decision-making. Finding individuals with the time to commit can be a challenge.
There is increasing pressure to have a diverse board of trustees, both in terms of backgrounds and perspectives. Finding candidates from underrepresented groups can be challenging but is important.
Ensuring a smooth transition when trustees step down or complete their terms can be difficult. Finding suitable replacements promptly is essential for continuity.

Because of all the challenges listed here, Charities often compete for the same pool of skilled and passionate individuals which means charities must employ a variety of strategies, including conducting effective trustee recruitment campaigns, offering training and support, and using established relationships and networks within the sector. It's also important to communicate the mission and impact of the charity to potential trustees, so they understand the significance of the role and the positive change they can effect.

Why become a trustee for Ategi?

You’ll be part of an organisation that instils its values at all levels of the business, ensuring the people we support are at the forefront of our decisions.

Our people love working here, and most trustees stay for many years, becoming as passionate as we are.
Ategi offers opportunities for anyone wanting to learn more about being a trustee, develop a more rounded skill set or someone with many years of experience.


Taking on the role of trustee is a big commitment so when you consider joining a charity as a trustee it is important to choose a charity that means something to you and that has values that match what is important to you.

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Karen Thomas

Karen joined Ategi as a Finance Assistant, having worked in the banking industry for 23 years. She completed her AAT qualification and was looking for something completely different and she found it at Ategi. Karen loved the values of the organisation from the start and has been on an interesting journey where she has been supported to develop within the organisation.