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Celebrating 30 Years of support during Shared Lives week 2024

This Shared Lives week Ategi has something extra to celebrate, it's also our 30th anniversary! Since 1994, Ategi has empowered countless individuals, supporting them to live independently and lead fulfilling lives. We're taking this opportunity to share some incredible stories about our Shared Lives carers and the people we support and show off how amazing it can be to take on this special role. If you want to find out more about what being a Shared Lives carer really is, keep on reading...

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Have you heard of Shared Lives?

If you haven't, you're not alone. It's probably social care's best kept secret! But Shared Lives has been around for around 40 years. Shared Lives is a bit like foster care, but for adults with support needs. It's is a unique and rewarding type of support where a Shared Lives carer opens their home and heart to support adults with additional needs, providing them with a safe and nurturing family environment. For the Shared Lives carer its a paid role in which the carer enjoys an incredible work life balance and a flexible career that truly makes a difference. For the person supported it's a chance have support that is unique to them in a safe environment that supports them to live an independent, fulfilling life. 

What is Shared Lives week all about?

Shared Lives Week 2024, (June 24-28), is a time to honour the work of Shared Lives carers and the impact this service has had on individuals and communities. This year's theme, #WeAreSharedLives, aims to create a narrative that challenges misconceptions about social care and highlights the rewarding experiences of being involved in Shared Lives

Celebrating Shared Lives Week

In celebration of Shared Lives Week and Ategi's 30th anniversary, we are thrilled to share four inspiring stories that exemplify the beauty of Shared Lives. What makes these stories special is they show how unique each Shared Lives arrangement is. You see Shared Lives carers taking the person they support on incredible trips abroad, coming together because of a shared faith or evolving from being a foster carer to a Shared Lives carer. Becoming a Shared Lives carer is so much more than just a job, you share your home and your life with someone and support them to live their best life, their way.  


Amanda is supported by her Shared Lives carers, Kath and John for the last 20 years. Here she is in West Wales catching some waves!

“I love being a Shared Lives carer, I get to spend more time with my family, children and grandchildren. I have control over the care I provide, I have a better quality of life."

- Mandy, Shared Lives carer
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