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Andy & Victoria

Victoria lives in Buckinghamshire, she was on the cusp of retirement when she decided to embark on a new adventure. The spaciousness of her home in High Wycombe and her caring nature made her an ideal candidate for Shared Lives. This decision led her to meet Andy, who was transitioning from his previous carer.

Andy slowly became an integral part of her family, and their bond extended beyond the concept of traditional support. Andy became familiar with Victoria's family, and Victoria, in turn, embraced Andy's world, supporting him in all aspects of life.

One of the significant aspects of their shared life is their shared faith. Victoria recognised the importance of Andy's faith in his life and saw an opportunity to provide holistic support that included nurturing his spirituality.

Victoria acknowledges that her journey with Andy has been a significant learning experience for both of them. Their shared faith and life experiences have deepened their bond, reinforcing the importance of continuous learning and growth.

Andy with Shared Lives carer, Victoria
Andy with his Shared Lives carer, Victoria

"I have this philosophy that if I open my front door to you then I am opening my heart to you too”

Victoria (Shared Lives Carer)

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