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Ategi CEO responds to CIW report

Responding to the CIW (Care Inspectorate Wales) annual report, Ategi CEO, Kate Allen, says the current challenges within adult social care need more than recognition, the sector needs help to remain sustainable.

Read this statement by Kate Allen:

“There are striking similarities between both the CIW report of Wales and that of the CQC in England. Both agree that the social care sector is fragile and unable to meet the needs of the people needing it most.

The CIW report highlights that it is so critical that some providers of social care are having to consider their long term sustainability, largely as a consequence of difficulties recruiting and retaining the much needed, much valued workforce. The statistics speak for themselves with a rise in staffing concerns of 128%.

We need the Welsh Government to do more to support social care in Wales; to help those providing solutions to keep on doing so when the cost of living crisis is pulling people under. Shared Lives carers can offer so much, to so many, but the model of support must be recognised and appreciated fully, financially.

Unfortunately it is not possible to separate data relating to Shared Lives and supported living however the report repeatedly commends and praises those working in adult social care as having delivered excellent support and care to the people of Wales – something we know to be the case as we see it every day”


Read the orginal report here

Front cover of CIW annual report.

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About the author

Kate Allen

Kate joined Ategi after seven years as Chief Executive at Autism at Kingswood, a charity and support provider of services to Autistic adults and young people in England.

Driving continuous improvement in the delivery of services is compulsory to Kate who says: “The service we provide directly affects the lives others, therefore every person working in social care has an enormous responsibility to do the absolute best they can to ensure people receiving our services get the highest quality of support possible.”