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Fundraising hints & tips

Set yourself a target

Have a fundraising target - it helps motivate you, enhances clarity, motivates donors to give, and it paints a clearer picture of where you’re at.


Get a fundraising platform

Set up an online fundraising page such as Just Giving – there are lots of platforms to chose from, contact Sheleagh, our Fundraising Manager, on if you would like help or support.

Document your story

Take lots of photos, use video, tell your story – what inspired you to fundraise for Ategi? Tell us why you chose to fundraise this way...


Shout about it

Let people know what you are doing, why you are doing it and spread the message far and wide. Social media is ideal for getting the word out and you may find that your local newspaper is interested. Contact our Communications and Engagement Manager, Kitty Treacy, on, if you would like some help.


Have fun!

Have fun and be proud – fundraising for a good cause is a win-win, it raises money to help make a difference in people’s lives, helps you to do something different, releases Government funding through Gift Aid and brings a smile to people’s faces.