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Shared Lives stories: Kyeron & Lyn

Kyeron is a young man who has been in foster care since we was 3 years old.

He first got into woodworking at the age of 10. At the time he had anger problems, and ADHD. The foster parents he was living with spotted he was good at crafting, so they trusted him with tools, starting with supervised crafting with a knife, then he moved onto working by himself, then onto a chisel, and even bigger tools. The first items he made were a letter opener, cup holder, to ornaments after that he moved onto working with big logs.

We asked him what the favourite thing he's made is:

"My favourite thing I've made, is all the things. A little bit of you goes into what you make."

Most of Kyeron's woodwok involves logs now. He either buys a log, or when he’s near a wood he'll go and have a look for one. If he spots on he keeps an eye on it, if it’s been left for 3 months then it’s wild and he takes it home with him and gets to work.

"Some of the pieces he’s done are really quite intricate. If someone asks him to make something. he’ll always give it a go." - Lyn, Kyeron's Shared Lives carer.

Kyeron has even made a clock for the Ategi! He noticed that when people were signing in at the front desk they struggled to find the time, so he took it upon himself design and make a clock for the Ategi reception.

Kyeron has been living in Shared Lives for a few years now, he's been living with Shared Lives carer, Lyn, and her son Connor since May 2021. 

Lyn is supporting him to develop his independent living skills. She supports him with his finances, doing his laundry, cooking and helping Kyeron to keep a healthy routine.

What's worked so well in this arrangement is that Lyn has a son a similar age and that has helped inspire Kyeron. As Lyn's son has beening learning to drive, it's motivated Kyeron to pursue this, Kyeron has even applied to go to college. Kyeron has really become part of the family, they have meals together and he comes on family outings. Living with Lyn and her son has really helped Kyeron to come out of himself.

We asked Lyn shat she liked about being a Shared Lives carer:

"It's rewarding because it’s really nice to see someone thrive and see them do what they want to do and become part of your family. I hope the things I can support him with help him to reach the goals he has in life so he can move on from here when the time is right and live independly which is what he really wants to do."

Watch this film about Kyeron and Lyn

Watch this film about Kyeron and Lyn

Carved spoons

Spoons carved by Kyeron

Wood carved Ategi clock

The clock that Kyeron carved for Ategi

Wood carved animals

Animals carved by Kyeron.

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