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Our Annual Report highlights a year of transformation and growth

We are proud to share our recent Annual and Financial Report. The past year has seen significant shifts in leadership, strategic vision, and service expansion, setting ourselves up for a new era of our journey.

Kate our CEO emphasises that transformation has been the guiding ethos of the past year, surpassing the continued improvement. Ategi has witnessed substantial and lasting positive changes, redefining how we meet the needs of the people we support, their carers, and our dedicated team.

Aligned with our new three-year strategy, 'Their Lives, Their Way,' we are now focused on five key priorities:

Providing quality support: A commitment to ensuring the highest standards of care and support for people with additional needs.

Being a great place to work: Fostering a positive and supportive work environment for employees, recognising their vital role in achieving our overall mission.

Positioning for the future: Embracing changes to be future-ready, staying attuned to the evolving landscape of the third sector and social care organisations.

Financial robustness: Ensuring our financial stability to sustain its mission and expand its impact.

Embracing co-production and influence: Involving stakeholders in decision-making processes and advocating for positive change in our communities in Wales and England.

Each service area, including Shared Lives, Community Support, and Supported Living, has experienced growth within the last year. We have expanded our services, supporting more individuals, carers, and employing more staff. Our annual report highlights these achievements, attributing success to the dedication of Ategi's community.

As Ategi concludes the first year of its transformative strategy, the report signals our eagerness to continue the momentum into year two. With a focus on service development, Ategi has recruited new carers, initiated new placements, and expanded our reach into Cardiff, bringing Ty Cornel under our umbrella.

Recognising our evolving landscape, we now have a newfound forward-looking approach that ensures we remain adaptive and prepared for the future.

We express gratitude for our transformative journey during the past year and we look forward to continued growth, resilience, and positive impact in the coming years. 

Read our 2022 - 2023 Annual Report

"I am extremely proud to have the privilege of being the Ategi Chief Executive and leading this extraordinary team of people.”

- Kate (CEO)

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