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Could a little money make you happier?

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the Ategi Wellbeing Fund thanks to the generous support of individuals and businesses over the last three months.

Ategi supports people to live their best lives their way.  For us, this is about supporting people to not just survive, but thrive. This is particularly important as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.

The Ategi Wellbeing Fund will provide small grants up to £150 to help people Ategi supports improve their wellbeing. We know that everyone is unique, and so what will make a difference in each person’s life will be too, which is why we’ve designed the fund to be flexible – the fund will respond to the needs of individuals.  Grants could pay for a variety of things that a person we support could not otherwise afford, but that make a big difference.

Examples include:

  • Transport or clothing to take part in an activity or learning; volunteering or work placement
  • Costs of participating in a hobby or activity which gives purpose and improves wellbeing
  • Costs of equipment for themselves, their home or a hobby – from specialist tech, sound proofing panels for someone with autism struggling to cope with noisy neighbours, or tools for gardening

Ategi supports adults with additional needs, for example, people with learning disabilities, autism, sensory impairment, physical disability, mental health, chaotic lifestyles, addiction or previous experience in care.  We know that these groups are frequently more disadvantaged than others in their communities, and may face higher costs and barriers to access the same things due to specialist needs or equipment including needing support. Which is why we feel a fund like this is so important at this time.

Could the fund support you?

If you're supported by one of Ategi's services then you could be elgible to apply for the fund!

Find out more here

Could you help us support more people?

Last year, Ategi support worker, Will, raised over £500 for the Wellbeing Fund by running the half marathon.  Other people held raffles or made donation of cash or prizes. Would you like to get involved in fundraising? Follow the link below to find out more or email us on

Find out about fundraising here 

Would you like to donate to the Ategi Wellbeing Fund?

To find out more about the fund, donate online, or get in touch to explore a business partnership, follow one of the links below.

Find out more about the fund and dontate here

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