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Leave a gift in your will

Pass on something wonderful

Many family members and carers worry about who will look after their loved ones after they have gone. One way to ensure that the people you support are cared for when you are no longer around is to leave a gift in your will.  

Ategi has an outstanding reputation for providing a flexible care service, tailored to individual needs. We have been providing care and support in ordinary homes for over 30 years. We would like to ensure that our services are always available to those who need support, far into the future. 

“Unfortunately, I have no close family, so I made the decision several years ago to make a substantial gift in my will to a charity. As I’ve supported vulnerable adults for many years, worked for charities and supported their work via board positions, this made good sense.”


Bev would like to pledge to leave a gift to Ategi in her Will. Read our blog post to find out why leaving a gift in her Will would be the right choice for her.

Read Bev's Q&A here

A gift in your Will is an investment in the future

After caring for family and friends, would you consider leaving a gift to Ategi in your Will? Every donation, large or small, makes a difference.

Ategi has recently become a member of a fantastic Will writing service called Remember a Charity. Visit the Remember a Charity website to find out more about how you can leave a gift in your Will effectively. 

For more information about the difference that Ategi makes for adults with support needs and how to leave a gift in your will and help us to make a difference, contact our Business Development team



Wendy with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda. Both women are smiling at the camera.
Wendy with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda.

Our promise

The last 30 years has seen people supported by Ategi achieve great things, things they never thought possible. Ategi has so much more to give, and more to do. Leaving a gift in your Will to Ategi will help ensure we are here to support people in living their best lives for the next 30 years, and 30 years after that. 

We promise that your gift, however large or small, will be spent wisely and make a genuine difference in the lives of the people we support. 

Get in touch

If you'd like to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will, or if you have other questions about donating to Ategi, please get in touch!

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