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"Reimagining Care" calls for a National Care Covenant

Last Friday saw Kate Allen, Ategi CEO, attend the virtual launch of a recently published report that has called for the social care model in England to be "reimagined" and a National Care Covenant to be developed. The report was commissioned by the Arch Bishops of Canterbury & York and led by Dr Anna Dixon MBE who gathered input and consulted with a number of people, including some within shared lives arrangements, often a model overlooked when social care is considered.

“During the launch meeting I was encouraged to repeatedly hear the recommendation that more merit should be placed on beliefs, personal values and human skills. These are critical aspects that must operate alongside the provision of training and practical skills when providing social care. There should be room for kind and loving approaches within professional arrangements. The report was clear that all provisions of social care should be focused on supporting people to flourish. An outcome recommendation that is entirely on par with Ategi’s strategy to support people to live their best life.

I’m interested now to see that happens with the recommendations as Clenton Farquharson, chair of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and speaker at the launch rightly called for those who can influence change to “listen to respond, not just to reply”.

Read the report here

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