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Launching Ategi Voices: "Do You See Me?"

The theme for this year's Learning Disability Week is "Do you see me?", which emphasises the importance of being seen, heard, and valued. This year we wanted to use this empowering theme to launch Ategi Voices.

What is Ategi Voices?

Ategi Voices is our new platform dedicated to sharing the stories of the people we support. Our goal is to make sure you are seen, heard, and valued for who you are and what you do. Whether it's your achievements, your creative writing, your artwork, or your favourite activities like hiking or kickboxing, we want to showcase your story, your way.

The vision behind Ategi Voices

The theme "Do you see me?" is a reminder of the importance of visibility and recognition for everyone. We believe that everyone, regardless of whether they have a learning disability or not, deserves to be seen and heard. Ategi Voices aims to provide a platform where you can share your life, your talents, and your passions, and be celebrated for who you are.

Celebrating our community

This week, we are highlighting some of the incredible talents within our community to kick off Ategi Voices are Amanda's beautiful nature scene and Wendy's diamond art.

Share Your Story

Ategi Voices is about more than just highlighting art; it's about celebrating all aspects of who you are. We invite everyone supported by Ategi to share their stories with us. If you’re supported by Ategi, we want to hear from you. Here’s how you can get involved:

Achievements: Share your accomplishments and milestones. Every achievement, big or small, deserves recognition.

Creative writing: If you have a poem, story, or piece of writing you’re proud of, share it with us. Let’s celebrate your literary talents.

Artwork: From painting to drawing to any other form of art, we want to feature your creative expressions.

Hobbies and activities: Whether it’s hiking, kickboxing, cooking, or any other activity you’re passionate about, share your enthusiasm with us.

Anything else? Maybe there is something that you’re proud of that we haven’t listed above. Whatever it is, let us know!

How to Get Involved

Getting involved with Ategi Voices is simple. Reach out to either Kitty or Tess via email or WhatsApp with your story, artwork, or achievements, and let us know how you would like to share it. Our team is here to support you in showcasing your voice to our audience.

WhatsApp: 07597 590664

Learning Disability Week's theme, "Do you see me?", is a call to action for all of us to recognise and value each other. Through Ategi Voices, we aim to make this recognition a year-round celebration, whether you have a disability or not, we want to hear from you.

Amanda's nature scene drawing

Amanda's nature scene drawing

Amanda, supported through Shared Lives in Cardiff, has created a stunning drawing of a nature scene. Her artwork shows us her creativity and vibrant personality.

Wendy's diamond art

Wendy's diamond art

Wendy, supported through Shared Lives in South Gloucestershire, has completed many dazzling diamond art pieces. This form of art involves applying tiny resin rhinestones to a pre-printed design, creating sparkling, mosaic-style masterpieces. Wendy’s dedication and artistic talent shine through in every piece she creates.

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