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Ategi partners with the Royal College of Art: Streets for Diversity project

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Royal College of Art's Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and Intelligent Mobility Design Centre for their new project, "Streets for Diversity." This innovative research explores the experiences of neurodivergent individuals navigating urban streets, aiming to create more accessible and comfortable environment for all.

Through a collaborative approach involving 'walk and talks,' online surveys, interviews, and co-creation workshops, the project engaged neurodivergent citizens, researchers, champions, and transport experts. The insights gathered from these interactions revealed 14 key aspects of how neurodivergent citizens experience streets, leading to the identification of 12 design opportunities for enhancing urban accessibility and inclusivity.

Our CEO, Kate, passionately expresses our support for this transformative endeavour:

"Ategi highly supports the idea of changing the environment in which we live to make it more accessible for people with additional needs, as opposed to seeing people struggle in an environment which suits the majority."

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