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Our Story

Ategi has been providing care and support to enable people to live as independently as possible for nearly three decades. Set up by a forward thinking group of people trying to provide services that were more personalised and grounded in the community, this still informs our practice today.

The Ategi journey began in 1994 when a group of staff working with adults who lived at Ely Hospital in Cardiff were inspired to provide a service beyond what the hospital offered. They wanted to offer domiciliary care and support to people to live better quality of life outside the confines of the hospital. This was the beginning of Ategi, or The Cardiff Independent Living Company (CILC) as it was first known. It quickly developed a great reputation for helping people to live positive lives in ordinary houses within their community in and around Cardiff.

The values that Ategi was built on are about ensuring that anyone who makes use of our services has full control over their lives and the support they have. The people we care for are respected as equal partners in the planning of their support and are enabled to live the life that they want to live.

In 1999 the organisation registered with the Charities Commission and changed the name to Ategi. In 2001, Ategi started delivering the Shared Lives scheme which enabled approved Shared Lives carers to offer people the chance to live or stay with them within their family home.