What is Homeshare?  

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Homeshare is a service that matches someone who needs a small amount of help to live independently in their own home (a Householder) with someone who has a housing need (a Homesharer) and can provide support and companionship in return for a room within the Householder’s home.

The Homesharer will help out around the house with activities such as cleaning, cooking meals, shopping trips, providing company etc. A Homesharer will not provide personal care, but the Householder can still source this independently if required.

There is no exchange of money between Householder and Homesharer, but both parties pay a monthly fee to the charity to make the service sustainable and in order to carry our safeguarding and monitoring activities. The Householder and Homesharer will share the household bills, and each party will buy their own food.

Why apply to Homeshare?                                                   


• Homeshare is an affordable service that helps people in need of extra support at home and allows them to keep their independence and share life experiences. 
• ​Householders receive 40 hours support a month with activities such as: cooking, gardening, keeping appointment, help with electronics, shopping and companionship. Furthermore, they have the peace of mind that a trusted person is staying in their home overnight. 
• Homeshare is an intergenerational programme that allows people help each other. We facilitate those connections. 
• Homeshare is a preventive service as loneliness can put individuals at greater risk of cognitive decline and delays the need of care support workers or the need to go to a care home. It is also a great service for single mothers and people with disabilities that need and extra helping hand at home. 
• Homeshare reduces the cost of support services and commercial rents by up to 80%
• We carry out reference and DBS checks to both parties, so you have peace of mind that you are living with trustworthy people.


How to apply?

If you are a Householder looking for an extra helping hand, please download the application form HERE and send it to adminbucks@ategi.co.uk  and/or call 01494 568 888 for further instructions.
Once we received your application we will have a review meeting to get to know your needs and find the ideal Homesharer for you.

If you are a Homesharer looking for accommodation and willing to provide practical support and companionship to someone for at least 10 hours a week, please download the application form HERE and send it to adminbucks@ategi.co.uk and/or call 01494 568 888 for further instructions.

Once we receive your application we will call you and organise an interview meeting to get to know you more and explore available opportunities.

Please remember we will ask for references and we need to carry out DBS checks to comply with our safeguarding policies. 

Shared housing exists in many different forms, but a Homeshare Scheme benefits both parties and support is on hand throughout if either party has any issues or concerns.  It can help reduce social isolation of society’s elderly population and give them security & peace of mind whilst also opening up opportunities for people to live in areas they could otherwise not afford and save on housing costs as well.