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Welcome to ategi : 'Supporting People to Live Their Lives'

Based in South East Wales and Buckinghamshire, ategi supports people who have learning disabilities, mental health problems, sensory and physical disability, brain injury, dementia and older people.

Our services include supporting people to -

Live at home with their family - Visiting Support Service. (Wales only)

Live in their own home - Supported Living & Visiting Support Services. (Wales only)

Live with another family - Shared Lives Service & Homeshare.

Take Part in the community - Social Activities Scheme. (Wales only)

ategi - 'Working with you, shaping your support'



Homeshare...a brand new service from ategi...

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What is Homeshare?

Homeshare schemes match someone who needs a small amount of help to live independently in their own home (a Householder) with someone who has a housing need (a Homesharer) and can provide support and companionship in return for a room within the Householder’s home.  

No rent is charged, but both parties will share the household bills, and in return the Homesharer will help out around the house, for example with cleaning, cooking meals, shopping trips, providing company etc.  A Homesharer will not provide personal care, but the Householder can still source this independently if required.   A small monthly management fee is charged to both parties.

The Benefits of Homeshare

Homeshare can benefit people who own or rent a home, for example:  

  • older people who need low level support.
  • older people who are anxious or isolated.
  • disabled people who need support to move towards or maintain independent living.
  •  family carers who are struggling with isolation or who juggle work and caring.  


Homeshare can benefit people who lack affordable housing, for example:  

  • students struggling to find student accommodation and key workers in the public sector on modest means.
  •  people at the bottom of council house waiting lists or living in foyer accommodation, or trying to move out of their family home and gain independence.
  • people in financial difficulties who are trying to reduce their overheads in order to clear debts/save for a deposit etc.
  • foreign students/ overseas volunteers  etc who are on limited budgets and don’t know the country well.  


Shared housing exists in many different forms, but a Homeshare Scheme benefits both parties and support is on hand throughout if either party has any issues or concerns.  It can help reduce social isolation of society’s elderly population and give them security & peace of mind whilst also opening up opportunities for people to live in areas they could otherwise not afford and save on housing costs as well.

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